Picnic in the park!

IMG_1533I still can’t believe our daughter Leigh is one! Where did the time go?!

Last weekend we hosted her birthday party in a green area near our home – the theme was a picnic in the park. At first the weather was pretty hot, but then the clouds rolled in along with a nice breeze and it was the perfect afternoon with friends!

Setting up wasn’t easy, but with some help from Ashley we were able to pull it off.

IMG_1536For food we had PB&Js, Jimmie Johns subs, snack bags and fruit. And of course we had cupcakes and a smash cake for Leigh.

What I designed and made:

-ONE letters

-Cupcake and cake toppers

-Snack bags and signs

IMG_1539For the snack bags I used coordinating tape on the bags as a way of identifying what was what. This seemed to work well and brought in the patterns from the banner. I also made the flowers used to decorate the box with the snacks.

IMG_1504And of course we had a drinks table – this included Peach Margaritas (big hit), Sangria (so so), keg and soda/water, which was in the wheel barrow. I made the letters for the jars out of vinyl and they were easily removed the next day when I cleaned them out.

IMG_1518 IMG_1520

IMG_1545The happy birthday sign was burlap with patterned tape used on the edges. I fell in love with the patterns and colors and really liked how it all came together. Another finishing touch was adding bows between each letter – it was a small detail but made a big change.

IMG_1551Our thank you gifts were small planting kits with vegetables and herbs. I figured that was something fun for the kids to do at home and also stuck with the outdoors theme.

IMG_1555The highchair banner matched the birthday banner.


IMG_1538The cake and cupcakes were decorated with tissue flowers and ones in the matching tape. I was so happy with how these turned out. I made all of the decorations and the cupcakes were from Target and cake was from Harris Teeter.


IMG_1590Birthday girl!

Headband: Etsy – young at heart


IMG_1628Thank you to all our friends that made Leigh birthday so special. It was such a fun way to celebrate Leigh’s first birthday!

If you have any questions about the decorations seen at Leigh’s party or custom decorations please email me at cupadewdlede@gmail.com





Cinco de Mayo

It was a fiesta for Lula’s first birthday! And sharing the decorations is the perfect way to celebrate cinco de mayo!

MaryBeth and I were chatting one day about her daughters first birthday and I offered to do a few decorations to help celebrate sweet Lula’s big day!

This was the invitation and what I used for inspiration.


You need to have a highchair banner!


I also made fiesta themed letters for Lula that could be used on the table.


Here are some pictures from the party.


The birthday girl getting ready to smash her cake!


I also made a simple happy birthday banner with the party theme colors.



Happy cionco de mayo from cup-a-dewdle-dew!

For custom orders email cupadewdledew@gmail.com


Design of the week – Lilly Pulitzer inspired cupcake kit

This week I wanted to celebrate the launch of Lilly Pulitzer in Target stores – are you going on Sunday? I selected the Lilly Rose pattern and designed a cupcake kit that would be perfect for any preppy party or shower!

LPHere is the Lilly Rose pattern by Lilly Pulitzer.

And above are my rose cupcake toppers.


The cupcake kit includes 12 rose cupcake toppers, 24 striped cupcake liners (12 pink & 12 lime green), and pool blue confetti. Cost of the full kit is $20. email cupadewdledew@gmail.com for orders.